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A registered Heart Foundation walking group

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TwinGlaze Knox Zest4Life Radio Eastern
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We got back walking for one day in July!

Milpera Reserve   July 2020




Check out the Start / Finish Locations list or contact the Walk Organiser for more information


Still want to walk?  Why not try  -Virtual Orienteering-  !!


Bored with walking or running the same old block?
Tired of trudging on the treadmill?

Looking for a new way to give your brain and body a boost?
Searching for an outdoor activity and want to
see new places and meet new faces?



Why not give Street Orienteering a go?

What is Street Orienteering?

Street Orienteering is a variation of the competitive sport of Orienteering. You are given a specially prepared orienteering map. The map shows streets, parks and pathways and the location of a number of clues. Each clue is worth different points. You have to navigate your way around finding the answers to the clues and writing them on your map sheet. Your aim is to maximise your score and be back at the Start / Finish Location within one hour.  Your answers are then checked to see if they are correct.

Street Orienteering provides the perfect combination of mental and physical exercise and social interaction. You do not need a compass or any special map reading ability; however it will test your thinking. You may walk as fast or slow as you like and enjoy a great walk in a friendly, safe, outdoor environment – and we always finish with a coffee and a chat at a nearby cafe!

Join us for a one hour street orienteering walk to have fun and exercise your brain as well as your body

We meet on the
1st & 3rd Fridays of the month

Registration: 10.15 am
Walk: 10.30 – 11.30 am
Cuppa: 12 noon at a local cafe
We walk in and around the City of Knox in Melbourne.
We have maps and walk in teams of 2 to 5 people for an hour around local streets and parks finding answers to clues.

1st Friday = Course #1.  3rd Friday = Course #2.

The Start / Finish Location is different each month.

$1 donation per person per walk.

Contact the Walk Organiser:  David   0419 337 311

Come to one or both walks.  Maps provided.

Important:  If you are coming on a walk, always notify David by text or email the day before

Coming for the first time?

  Please register with David and fill-in the Knox SOW Walker Registration form and email or hand it to David
(For more details, please click on the Join button above)


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Knox SOW is a registered Heart Foundation walking group

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